Will also use his common sense; which today is not so common

If you are buying a house in Westchester County or the surrounding area, you will not be disappointed if you engages Hollingsworth’s services. Hollingsworth will act aggressively in finding you that special house that you are looking for. His knowledge of the market is excellent and he will stick with you through those ruff and tough times that are inevitable in today’s market. One of the things that sets apart the excellent realtors from the good realtors is the ability to listen to what the prospective home buyer is saying. Not all communication is done verbally so body language and what is not say becomes a very important way for the experience and talented realtor to pickup on what the home buyer really wants. I have found him to be very perceptive in this area and this is why I highly recommend that your engage his excellent services. He will not only use the latest technology to get you that special house, he will also use his common sense; which today is not so common.