We made it to closing with Hollingsworth

[Video] Everything! He did everything. Hollingsworth is amazing. One of the things that I found comforting was the fact that he always answered the phone. Whether it be a phone call, text message or email. He always answered us back. So we are very grateful for that. He took us to see a lot of houses, and we were outbid on a lot of them, but he continued to encourage us. You know this is our first home, and so he just encouraged us to keep going, and we’ll find the house and we did. We made it to closing. So were so grateful. At times he was our [murmer] too, you know. He kept in contact with the seller agent as well. It was a seamless process, and we were so grateful. 

Hollingsworth is such a great guy. One amazing thing about Hollingsworth is his patience and guiding us through every hurdle and another amazing thing about Hollingsworth is that he put the right language in our mouth. Especially when we were talking to the lawyers or anybody else, the bank. He gave us the right language to use and that is so amazing. It’s been a long process, but he was patient all through. And I want to say thank you Hollingworth. And if you need referrals AskHollingsworth! He knows lawyers, he knows banks, he knows everybody… so if you need referrals ask him.