Knows how to rock a nice bow tie

I was going through a troubling time with my finances and was in need of a good broker. After getting the run around with local advertisements that just wanted ‘a sale’, I knew I was going to need a person that knew their “ish”. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone to handle a short sale of my home. I called Hollingsworth on the sole reason I thought his company had a reputation of having good brokers.

Needless to say, he secured my thinking of what a good broker is. When you’re confused, helpless, and powerless against a large bank who wants their money, the broker should help you understand your options and not just think about selling your property and getting a commission. He sat down with me and went over comps, the normal bank protocols, foreclosure/short sale pros & cons, and most importantly – bank and federal programs that can get the results I needed. He also explained the commission he receives and how the length of time to close on my property can vary. Not everyone has the same situation, but I was very pleased to have him go the extra mile especially when it was not meant for him to support.

One year later, my home was sold with almost the exact outcome as he specified when we first met. Hollingsworth was meticulous to detail and never left me hanging without information I felt unsure of. He never left me out-of-the-loop even when conversing between himself and my lender. He is filled with knowledge capital. He has great knowledge of the market and knows how to leverage opportunities and generate dialogue with his client by using his business acumen and mixing his understanding of current technology such as using links to his personal website, or his linkedin webpage. His email reports and notifications were very helpful and his follow-ups were superb. In addition to saying all this, he is pleasant to work with and the man also knows how to rock a nice bow tie.