It was excellent customer service

It was amazing. I came in not knowing anything about real estate. I contacted Hollingsworth. I found him online and he was so helpful. I actually got my first house in less than 2 months from when I started looking. I started in September, and I actually got the offer accepted in November, and now I’m in my new home. Hollingsworth helped me so much and want to recommend him to everyone that’s willing to listen to me.

I would recommend Hollingsworth to someone looking to buy a home because he is there with you, not holding your hand every minute, but he’s there answering any questions you may have about the home, about the process. I asked him to recommend me an attorney, he gave me three recommendations and home inspections…all of that. I just had to ask him, and he would get me the answers right away. I didn’t have to wait a day or two. He was calling me within 24 hours. It was excellent customer service. I recommend him 100%.