Hollingsworth was able to really get to know us [Video]


[Video] Our broker Hollingsworth did excellence work for us. He helped show us around all of Westchester County, over multiple weekends. I’m sure he showed us… I don’t even know… countless homes, in a really short amount of time, because we needed to find a place quickly. He answered every question we had almost immediately. Just was fantastic. Dealt not only with us, were a bit crazy, but also our 18 month old running around in the houses that we were seeing and really was excellent. Pointed out great features of homes, things to know about, particular features in homes, and just was a true help and a true joy to work with. … I will second that and beyond that, our broker was able to really get to know us, and really get to know what we were looking for, and therefore really be able to customize the home that he showed us, for us, so that we could really understand the area, the homes we were looking at and what we needed to be able to start our new life in our new home. We had a great and enjoyable experience.