Hollingsworth responsive and fast [video]


[Video] So I’m happy to share that we sold our home. My broker was so instrumental in the success of this and just making it smooth, making the whole process easy. What I love about my broker is he’s responsive, whenever we have concerns or questions, he’s just fast, and in this type of climate you want to work with someone who is fast. And also what I really like about Hollingsworth is that he incorporates technology, and that’s what you need to be fast in terms of signing documents, he makes it easy, scheduling viewings by using an app. It just made our lives so much easier. So much so that we had multiple offers in just a matter of days and I’m very pleased working with Hollingsworth. Its been a true pleasure working with him. And now were getting ready to find our forever home. So we look forward to checking out the market and seeing what’s out there and we know its going to be a success working with Hollingsworth. Do you want to add anything? 

She pretty much nailed it. Hollingsworth is a great guy to work with, a great realtor, he is on top of all of his website features, yeah… just a great person to work with. He makes the whole process effortless, streamlined and enjoyable from start to finish for me and my family. We highly recommend Hollingsworth and its just a true pleasure working with him. So thanks Hollingsworth… you’re awesome!