Hollingsworth is not your Average Joe [Video]



[Video] What Hollingsworth has done for me? From the time I met him til now, he has gone above and beyond his job duties. Anytime I called him, he picked up. It didn’t matter if it was early in the morning, if it was in the evening, or even a little bit off hours. He was there for me, and that’s the key thing. And another thing, he listened to exactly what I wanted..in detail.

As a result, I got what I actually wanted plus more. I’m in love with the apartment. It’s a coop, but it’s an apartment.  I am in love with it and I will tell you, I am going to actually refer people to him. I’m going to give him another property and he will be my property manager and he also will close my other deal. That’s what I can say.

There’s way more to say, we would be here all day. But I highly highly recommend him to anybody. He not your average Joe. He’s way beyond that. So If you’re looking for somebody who is for you, and listens to you, then he’s the guy and I highly recommend him…. Ask Hollingsworth About Real Estate.