Hollingsworth got our house sold, and got us into our dream house [Video]


[Video] Simply put he made my dreams come true. I had always wanted to live in a big beautiful house ever since I was a kid and we had a nice house. It was a nice fit for when we first bought it, but we had outgrown it. We had a full family with three children, a sister in law, an au pair and a dog, and it was time to find the dream house, and my broker through hard work, focus and perseverance really helped us find this ideal house. So I can only say thank you. Honey? My broker sold my house, despite us being hesitant to put the house on the market at a price where it could sell quickly. He very generously encouraged us to entertain a lower offer and eventually, just at the perfectly right time, got our house sold and got us into our dream house, which has been truly a blessing … truly truly a blessing.  So we can’t thank him enough because we think he is awesome!