Hollingsworth gives best and exclusive experience [Video]

[Video] Well Hollingsworth has been really really excellent broker with us. We do a lot of properties in and out, buy and sell, but with Hollingsworth this is simply the best and exclusive experience. From the moment when we signed our contract, even before that, when we approached him the way he came, very punctual. He responded very professionally. He came to the property, did his pictures, sent us an initial report. The prices all were very realistic. No lies. Everything was straight forward. Clear.

He also told us how long he expects us to sell the property and we were actually within that range. I would say a week before he even told us. So that was faster. We signed the contract. He was sending us reports…emails and all the business with his clients, potential buyers, who came to the property, he always send us a feedback. Very good. Very professional response reporting. We knew that somebody out there was working very hard and the properties would be sold in the best way possible.

We had two properties. We just closed now and we were happy. Everything went smooth. Thank you so much. I would recommend everybody who is selling a property, please call Hollingsworth right now.