Hollingsworth did everything from soup to nuts [Video]


[Video] The most important thing in my opinion, I’m not a realtor, but the most important thing is to stage the apartment properly, to price it properly and to put in the leg work to make sure you can bring in as many people as you can. Hollingsworth did all three extremely satisfactorily. Extremely well. So we were able to have a buyer within a month almost to the day of our listing being placed. One of the other things we can say to is that Hollingsworth is very knowledgeable regarding, we are selling a coop, and he was very knowledgeable regarding all the details and what to expect in selling a coop entails. When we were interviewing realtors, when we interviewed him, he was able to tell us from soup to nuts exactly, what exactly would happen, how long it would take, the whole nine. So I would recommend if you are selling your coop, that you use Hollingsworth… Hollingsworth the realtor.