Hollingsworth Closes Another for April & Michelle [Video]

[Video] Our broker was really patient with us, well particularly with me. I’d never lived in the house before, never shopped for a house, so he took us to this first place which we really liked a lot, and I was like… OK… I still don’t know what a colonial is, what a ranch is… so he picked over several weekends, a whole bunch of other houses. We visited and we wound up living in the first house we saw. He really knew what we wanted. He had a really good sense of what we needed and the size and style and everything. So he knew what we wanted before I did. I think his patience and his kindness with us, and his explaining everything, particularly with me, was what I really valued.

Also, we lived in the city and neither of us was all that thrilled about having to move to the burbs. So he made us a lot more comfortable with that. He actually drove us around. We could see all the neighborhoods which was very nice and it was easy to get to the city from here. Which was super big for me, because I didn’t even know what Metro North was. I knew like… taxes and the F train and pretty much that’s it. Ask Hollingsworth about Real Estate.