White Plains


Monique Henderson

Real Estate Salesperson

Monique Henderson is a commercial real estate agent, who serves investors looking to buy, sell and/or lease real property in New York City and the surrounding area. She is a woman of integrity and diligence, and she values serving others.  

Ms. Henderson graduated from Texas State University with a Master of Social Work degree. Over the past decade, Ms. Henderson has committed her life to serving others by actively listening, engaging in critical thinking to assist clients in meeting their goals, and advocating on clients’ behalf in various situations. Social Work has provided Ms. Henderson the opportunity to engage with various ethnicities and to appreciate the many cultures that shape our world. 

While employed at the James J. Peters Veterans Medical Center as a Housing and Urban Development- VA Supportive Housing (HUD/VASH) Social Worker, Ms. Henderson was able to experience New York City’s demanding, yet exciting industry of real estate. Ms. Henderson’s primary goal was to secure permanent housing for homeless veterans and ensure they remained housed. As Ms. Henderson’s knowledge and understanding of the NYC Real Estate Industry grew, she became intrigued, which eventually inspired her to embark on a new career as a commercial real estate agent.

Ms. Henderson appreciates the economic growth and community revitalization that residential and commercial development projects create within a community. The skills Ms. Henderson acquired while practicing as a License Master Social Worker allows her to connect with clients on a level that produces efficient results and creates long-lasting relationships. Real estate allows Ms. Henderson to connect with investors who value community and economic growth, which in return, empowers Ms. Henderson’s true niche in life—enhancing the social well-being of her fellow man and in essence affording her the opportunity to improve our society as a whole. 

Monique Henderson joins Hollingsworth Real Estate Group as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson.